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CleanSlate UV Collection

White Papers

Download our FREE white papers to learn more about CleanSlate UV technology and the different categories of UV disinfection solutions.

Efficacy Reports

All Efficacy Claims have been validated using a 3rd party EPA-Certified lab (Microchem Laboratories™) and were conducted using the ASTM E1153 standard.

Pre-cleaning of soiled devices is not required to achieve the kill rates. All testing includes bioburden.

CleanSlate UV Product Efficacy Report

Read our independent in-depth report on CleanSlate UV product efficacy.

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CleanSlate UV COVID-19 Efficacy Report

Testing Supports CleanSlate UV Efficacy Against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Cell Phones, Tablets and Other Devices.

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There is a wide array of academic literature on the dangers that portable electronics and mobile phones pose. These are a few highlights.

Success Stories

“The value of a fast, automated portable electronic sanitizer resonated with my committee immediately.”

- Leslee Thompson, Former CEO Kingston General Hospital

“The CleanSlate is getting a workout in our unit... it has truly become integrated into our patient safety protocols. The families and staff LOVE it. Anything that helps keep our tiny miracles fighting another day, is such a blessing. Thank you for investing your time, talents, and knowledge into such a meaningful product that helps protect tiny fragile lives.”

- Stephanie M, UPMC Pinnacle

“… thank you for working so hard to acquire a UV Sanitization machine for our us. Our team is loving it already, and we are already seeing an increase in efficiency when cleaning the iPads. Your work has made a huge difference, and we are so grateful.”

- Katie M., Ops Lead, Apple

“When we were approached by the Limestone Labs team, our hospital saw immediate value in being able to clean portable electronics quicker and more effectively than our existing solutions. For the past three months, I am pleased to report that the CleanSlate has been operating within our unit, being used frequently by staff to clean glucometers, phones, thermometers, and more.”

- Leslee Thompson, Former CEO Kingston General Hospital

“This solution has been wonderfully received. It is easy to use, and it has quickly become a part of our staff routine.”

- Denise Kearney, Infection Control Professional, Northumberland Hills Hospital

Frequently Asked

For many, the CleanSlate is the first UV device they’ve ever used, and often the first time they’ve ever killed bacteria on their phone or tablet with ultraviolet light. Check out our FAQ to better understand CleanSlate and UV light sanitization.

The CleanSlate has been validated by third party labs to achieve these pathogenic kill rates ranging from 99.97% to more than 99.999%, depending on the pathogen. Please get it touch for detailed efficacy documentation.

The CleanSlate should only be used to sanitize non-critical devices, equipment and personal items with hard, non-porous surfaces. It should not be used to disinfect fabrics (like clothing or shoes), food or wet items. It won’t damage fabrics but it will undermine effectiveness to the extent that we cannot guarantee our claimed efficacy rates.

CleanSlate UV can quickly sanitize a wide range of devices and handheld items in just 20 seconds. See below for some of the most common uses in Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and Corporate Offices.

CleanSlate UV CAN Sanitize:

Healthcare Uses:

  • Smartphones, Spectralink phones & other communicators (2-4 devices/cycle)
  • Vocera™ communication devices (6 devices/cycle)
  • Tablets (1-2 devices/cycle)
  • Ipad Pro (Pro/large size tablets?) – revise 
  • ID badges, watches, and other hard, non-porous items & other Non critical medical devices

Non-Healthcare Uses:

  • Stethoscopes, Personal Medical Devices (Blood sugar readers)
  • Phones, Phone cases, Tablets, Small laptops,  Mouses / Small Keyboards 
  • Keys, Badges, Bank Cards, Coins, Debit machines
  • Watches, Jewelry, Sunglasses, Earphones 
  • Video Game Controllers, TV / Stereo Remotes, Alarm Clocks 
  • Pens/ Pencils, Staplers, Hole punchers, Tape Rollers, Box Cutters, Calculators 
  • Knives, Cutlery, Clear Baby bottles
  • 3D Glasses, Casino Chips (not stackable), Telephone Headsets, Walkie Talkies, Stereos 

UV-C Light CANNOT Fully Sanitize:

  • Fabrics
  • Shoes
  • Critical or Semi-Critical Medical Devices (Not a sterilizer)

UV-C cleans by ‘line of sight’ meaning that as long as the light can “see” the items, it can kill germs on them. So you can place as many objects as they’d like into the CleanSlate chamber as long as they allow for one inch between the items for the light to reach all corners.

Items cannot be stacked on top of each other as this will block the light. As a rule of thumb the CleanSlate can disinfect 2-4 smartphones at once, 1 iPad or 6 Vocera communication devices

Tray Size:

Tray (interior): L 9.5” x W 12.7” x H 4.5”

The CleanSlate uses UV-C light (254nm) to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

The CleanSlate uses UV-C light to kill germs on items placed inside of the tray. It does so by using a unique chamber design capable of disinfecting 360 degrees of the device. UV-C light is normally blocked by the atmosphere, so it is deadly to superbug DNA.

UV Light

Germicidal UVC light will not penetrate through the soil or dirt, therefore it is highly recommended to clean or wipe down the devices to be sanitized before placing them in the CleanSlate. Cleaning is not sanitization and sanitization is NOT cleaning.

None, as the CleanSlate’s design ensures complete enclosure of the sanitization chamber that prevents users from being exposed to UV-C light.

The CleanSlate is classified as lab equipment and should not be used by those under 14.

A cycle is only 20 seconds long – just enough time to wash your hands!

Unlike harsh chemical wipes, UV light will not damage or corrode devices or touch screens. The only thing to look out for is that some yellowing may occur in white plastics over long periods of exposure, but unlike some chemical solutions, this will not impact functionality.

CleanSlate UV is designed to kill superbugs like MRSA and C. Difficile. These are some of the most dangerous pathogens found in hospitals, and are also some of the toughest to kill using UV light. The CleanSlate will kill over 99.999% of MRSA, 99.93% of C. Difficile spores, and more.

Interested in more detailed kill efficacy data? Get in touch.

The CleanSlate can be placed in both staff-only locations as well as public-facing locations.

A few examples of where CleanSlate UV has been deployed are: ORs, Neo-natal Intensive Care Units (NICUs), Intensive Care Units (ICUs), change rooms, staff lounges and hospital entranceways. If counter space is a concern, we offer both tabletop options as well as a stand option.