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The Challenge

As the transition back into in-person learning is in full force, it is important to continue to ensure student and staff safety. With over 30,000 full-time students and over 300 different programsSeneca College, located in Toronto, Canada, is adopting new technology to create a safer classroom environment for all.  

In compliance with Seneca’s already existing biosafety plan, anything that comes into the science labs must be sanitized before exiting. The pandemic policies have heightened the awareness for safety procedures throughout the school and especially in the classrooms.  

Students are unable to bring notebooks or cellphones into the lab and work is completed on specific room-dedicated tablets. As an additional challenge, new IT two-factor authentication was implemented into Seneca’s login system, and students could only access the cloud-based notes through personal devices.  

Finding the balance between effective notetaking and a clean and safe lab space was a difficult task.  

Figure 1: Infographic of items not allowed in the laboratory

The Deployment

As Seneca’s Biological Science and Applied Chemistry department was trying to find a solution to the IT authentication challenge, they realized that they had the solution all along. Through a recent collaborative study, CleanSlate UV and Seneca already had strong connections and partnerships. The CleanSlate unit was previously being used for lab material testing and could now serve as an even more valuable purpose. Proper device sanitization would reduce concerns for biosafety lab hazards.  

“Students can now bring their devices in, use them, and UV-sanitize upon exit while washing their hands.” 
Matt Clarke, Professor, Seneca College

The Impact

The CleanSlate UV sanitization process is now encouraged to allow students to bring devices into the classroom for educational purposes. It has made a significant impact on student learning and has also increased hand washing. CleanSlate’s goal is to not only bring awareness to the importance of device sanitization but also to promote proper hand hygiene practices.  

“Having access to their phones also allows [students] to take photos of their experiments, and that is something that I believe helps greatly with engagement and learning.”  
Matt Clarke, Professor, Seneca College

The CleanSlate is also being used in their labs as additional data for UV experiments. There have been impressive results both through experimental processes and through device sanitization.  

Seneca College is taking the important next steps in the education sector to find technology that encompasses both effective student learning and student safety in schools.  

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