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Sanitizing Mobile Devices in Healthcare: Chemical Wipes vs. UV-C Light.

Mobile devices are now pervasive in hospitals. This includes devices such as iPhones, iPads, Voceras, Ascom Mycos, Zebra TC52s and more. Even pagers (still).

Unfortunately, these devices are the third hand we never wash. An average of 1 in 4 are contaminated with pathogens such as MRSA, and our own research has shows that devices immediately recontaminate clean hands, undermining hand hygiene.

So, what is the best technology to address this problem?

This solution guide will review:

  • The two options for rapid, frequent sanitization of devices within clinical settings.
  • How each solution works, including pros/cons.
  • The three main advantages of ultraviolet light (UVGI) over chemical wipes for mobile devices.
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Clean Hands Should Touch
Germ-Free Devices.

Empower Staff & Visitors to Sanitize
Devices in Just 20 Seconds

Fast and simple.
No training required.

Proven to inactivate 99.9998% of MRSA without pre-cleaning.

Touch-free device removal that enables proper hand hygiene.

No chemicals and no damage to sensitive touchscreens.

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