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Food Processing

CleanSlate and Food Processing Close the Lid on Contamination

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20 seconds to kill 99.999% of E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella

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Seamlessly integrates into HACCP protocols

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Prevents re-contamination of clean hands

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Chemical-free sanitization for multiple devices

Solving your challenge of:


Tools and mobile devices are slipping through critical control points

CleanSlate UV sanitizes devices in just 20 seconds, all while employees wash their hands. It's a workflow-friendly way to address this gap.

Harmful Chemical Wipes

Chemical wipes are inconsistently applied and can damage sensitive devices.

CleanSlate UV is an EPA-registered disinfectant. No human error, no damage to portable items.

Compromised Hand Hygiene

Tools and devices that aren’t sanitized recontaminate clean hands, undermining hygiene.

CleanSlate UV sanitizes the tools and devices often found to be contaminated with bacteria, ensuring that clean hands can stay that way!

Dairy Facility Case Study

Facility-Lead Pre/Post Deployment testing using 3m petrifilm plate counts


Had Bacteria Before CleanSlate UV

40% of all devices tested positive for Enterobacteriaceae-family pathogenic bacteria.

50% of all devices had aerobic bacteria populations that were too numerous to count.

In spite of a personal device ban 50% of staff were found to have mobile devices on them.


Bacteria After CleanSlate UV

Enterobacteriaceae enumerations were reduced by 100% within one week.

Aerobic bacteria populations were reduced by 96% within four weeks.

The Science of CleanSlate UV

UV-C Light Kills Germs

UV-C light utilizes short-wavelength ultraviolet light, which destroys nucleic acids and breaks apart germ DNA, preventing them from being able to function or reproduce.

The Experts Agree: Sanitize Your Phone

Numerous academic studies have examined the risks from mobile devices. Explore them here.

UV-C Light Is Safe for Devices

UV-C light doesn’t dry out or degrade materials the way chemical wipes do, and it can safely be used on a wide variety of devices with no risk of damage.