Keeping Employees And Clients Safe Is An Ever-Growing Challenge.

In our world today, common sense things like washing hands and sanitizing devices are the new norm. CleanSlate UV is a simple, fast and effective way for anyone to sanitize their mobile devices. It shows employees your care about their safety, and will make clients and partners feel comfortable venturing out of their bubbles and into your workplace.

With a core technology trusted by hospitals around the globe, CleanSlate UV is proven effective. Beyond this, it is easy to use, takes only 20 seconds, and provides peace of mind in re-opening your business. 89% of employees believe their employers should prioritize workplace cleanliness.

CleanSlate UV In the Workplace

A Simple, Office Friendly Design
There’s no training required to use the product. Simply insert devices, close the lid, and wait for the cycle to finish.
Flexible Enough For
Any Property
From lobby desks to staff lounges, CleanSlate UV is designed for high traffic areas and can be mounted on a desk or stand accessory.

20 Seconds + Multiple Devices = No Bottlenecks

Everyone will want to sanitize their phones, and CleanSlate UV can handle it. Sanitize 3-4 phones in just 20 seconds.

Complement your hand
hygiene efforts

Touch-free device removal and a reminder to wash hands while devices are sanitized ensures that clean hands touch germ-free devices.

Safely Sanitize Guests’ Touchscreens

UV-C light can inactivate up to 99.999% of targeted bacteria and viruses on smartphones without damaging sensitive touchscreens.

How CleanSlate UV Fits Any Office

Lobby or Front Desk

Allow employees to start and end their day by sanitizing their hands and their phones. CleanSlate UV can be placed on a stand accessory or desk and is specially designed for high traffic environments.

Staff Lounges & Cafeterias

Providing a clean event space is more important than ever.

CleanSlate UV devices can be mounted on a rolling stand, so you can move them to fit any event space.

Warehousing & Distribution

Speciality devices, from barcode scanners to communication devices, are commonplace in warehouse and production areas. Ensure that germs aren’t a commonplace, too.

How We Enable Your Success

Customizable Signage to Drive Awareness

We provide standard signage that highlights your deployment, with a focus on driving usage and letting staff know that you care about their safety.

Facilities can also request editable copies of signage so you can edit to match your branding, include your logo, and include custom instructions.

Device Intelligence to Match Your Business

CleanSlate devices track usage, log issues, and ensure that bulbs are always working.

You can access this information to optimize placement, report usage, and plan preventative maintenance so you can focus on the things that matter to your business.

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