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Save time and money by deploying device sanitizers that staff, patients, and visitors will love.

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Our free calculator uses data from hundreds of USA hospital clients to estimate the number of CleanSlate Sanitizers for your application along with the cost-savings from switching to CleanSlate UV. 

Save Time

66% LESS time per cycle than chemical wipes

less chemical wipes with cleanslate

Cost Savings vs. Wipes

50% LESS cost per cycle than chemical wipes

reduce waste with cleanslate

Reduce Waste

730 tonnes of landfill waste prevented

minimize device damage with cleanslate

Minimize Device Damage

Chemical-free process does not damage device form or function

closed CleanSlate

Key Benefits of CleanSlate UV:

Inactivates up to 99.999% of bacteria & viruses in just 20 seconds

Track compliance using unmatched analytics

Boost hand hygiene compliance up to 110%

Chemical-free process safe for devices

Touchless removal

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