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Efficacy & Validation

A Pioneer in Device Disinfection, with the Results to Prove It.

Tested Against Every Metric That's Important to Your Facility.​

Biological Efficacy

3rd party validated and proven to inactivate target bacteria and viruses.

Ease of Use

Extensively validated in case studies and trials across the globe.

Financial ROI

Proven to cost less than wipes, reduce staff cleaning time, and boost hand hygiene.

Solution Backbone

Efficacy Rates

Proven & Effective

Our company’s core product values are simple, proven and effective.

We don’t just create great products; we ensure they meet or surpass the needs of customers who will rely on CleanSlate UV to keep them safe.

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Setting the Standard.

Since being founded in 2014, CleanSlate UV has consistently set the standard for performance and efficacy in the countertop UV-C sanitization industry.

UV-C solutions emit a certain ‘dose’ of light at a specific germicidal wavelength.  Viruses, bacteria and spores have varying susceptibility to this germicidal light. You can ready more about UV-C here.

Validating UV-C Solutions

There are a lot of variables that can effect UV-C inactivation rates, including the presence of biomatter, the density of test pathogens, the method of culturing, etc. 

To ensure that all our tests are reflective of real-world conditions, CleanSlate conducts all testing according to ASTM standards with 5% FBS (simulated soil), which means that all our efficacy rates assume devices are not pre-cleaned.

3rd Party Lab Testing Results​

Challenge Microorganism
Contact Time
% Reduction vs. Control
Clostridium difficile
20 secs
MS2 bacteriophage (norovirus surrogate)
20 secs
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
20 secs
Enterococcus faecalis (VRE)
20 secs
Streptococcus pyogenes
20 secs
Salmonella enterica
20 secs
Escherichia coli
20 secs
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
20 secs
Human coronavirus (HCoV-229E)
20 secs
20 secs
20 secs

All rates above are using our 20 second default cycle.

Maximizing Usage

Ease of Use

Designed for Users.

CleanSlate is so simple, it can be used by staff & visitors with no training required.

Proven Staff Adoption for Better Hygiene.

Success Snapshot

Catholic Health,
Protocol Compliance

Before CleanSlate UV

Under 10% of staff routinely disinfected devices.

After CleanSlate UV

Over 72% staff and visitor sanitization compliance rate over eight week pilot.

Hand Hygiene

A Critical Variable for Staff and Patient Safety

Through our partnership with Mero, hospital clients installed smart sensors to track hand hygiene events before & after CleanSlate UV deployments.

Clients saw a 50-110% increase in hand hygiene events within 80ft of each CleanSlate unit.

Hand hygiene rates a proven indicator of hospital-acquired infection (HAI) risk.


Saving Time and Money

Proven Financial ROI

A Full Facility Solution.

From reduced spend on wipes to faster cycle times, CleanSlate is designed to integrate into high traffic workflows and save you money, all while making your facility more hygienic.

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Multiple Proven Benefits.

Consumable Savings

Each UV light cycle costs 50% less than using a chemical wipe, so you start saving on day 1.

Time Savings

Each cycle is at least 66% faster than wipes, saving labor costs & increasing the likelihood that people will sanitize devices.


By eliminating non-compostable wipes, each CleanSlate UV unit saves 172lbs of waste per year.

Occupational Health

By eliminating harsh chemicals, we reduce staff exposure and eliminate the need for PPE to sanitize mobile devices.

What This Means for Your Facility.

Timeline to Achieve ROI

4.5 Months

Including labor savings.

Looking to Improve Outcomes & Save Money?

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