A Fast and Effective Solution to Protect Long Term Care Staff and Residents.

Discover how CleanSlate is a Proven, yet Simple Hygiene Solution for Senior Homes.

Senior Homes that Trust CleanSlate

Seniors should feel safe in their own home.

Reduce sick days

Improve staff and resident confidence

Provide a cleaner facility for staff & residents

Device Hygiene + Hand Hygiene: Two Problems, One Solution.

We use mobile devices every single day. Let's take the step to break the chain of infection.

Pathogens on Mobile Devices

An avg of 1 in 4 hospital mobile devices are contaminated with bacteria and viruses. 

Shared devices devices are at risk of spreading harmful pathogens.

Hand Hygiene

Increasing hand hygiene compliance is proven to reduce the risk of HAIs. 

However, sustaining this can be challenging for staff.

As many as 380,000 lives are lost from infections in senior homes annually.

Lead the effort in combating the spread of infections in senior care homes

With an influx of visitors to senior care homes, CleanSlate UV helps ensure your loved ones share a clean space.

Plus: Recently proven to increase hand hygiene events by up to 110% within 80ft of each CleanSlate sanitizer.

Fast and simple.
No training required.

Hospital grade efficacy, testing & validation

Touch-free device removal that enables proper hand hygiene.

Chemical free process and no damage to sensitive touchscreens.

1 to 3 million serious infections occur in LTC facilities every year.

Examples of How Long Term Care Facilities are Using CleanSlate UV

cleanslate at long term care reception


CleanSlate UV sanitizers easily integrate into existing workflows, and ensure that employees and visitors do not carry bacteria & viruses with them as they enter and exit the facility.

cleanslate at long term care nurses station

Nurses' Station

Placing sanitizers in staff areas can ensure common high-touch items like mobile devices and laptops are routinely sanitized.

cleanslate at long term care dining room

Dining Room

Deploying CleanSlate UV sanitizers in shared spaces reassures residents and their families that safety is top priority.

Customer Highlight

Wellington Care Homes

5 Units Deployed

Deployed in main entrances and several communal rooms, nursing and administrative staff have taken the next step to ensure personal and shared devices are effectively sanitized. With CleanSlate UV, visitors and residents can have confidence knowing safety and cleanliness is a priority.

cleanslate uv at wellington care homes

From Our Customers

CleanSlate UV has helped our facility stay committed to the safety and well-being of our staff and residents. The units are used everyday and it makes many of our visitors feel safe knowing we are taking the extra step to keeping residents safe.

Results & Insights

Hand Hygiene Case Study

Full Facility Case Study

The Effects of Hand Hygiene to Absenteeism in the Workplace

50-110% increase in hand hygiene

Up to 110% increase in hand hygiene events near a CleanSlate sanitizer

>285% increase in hand sanitizer use

>285% increase in hand sanitizer use directly adjacent to a CleanSlate sanitizer

Staff Feedback:

“We have so many people going in and out of our departments and this is the first time that they are actually stopping to sanitize their phones and do hand hygiene as well."

Upgrading from Chemical Wipes to CleanSlate UV: Saving Time, Money and Devices

Review the challenges faced by a leading cancer center, their evaluation of CleanSlate UV, and how a full facility deployment benefited their workflow & their bottom line.

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