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Improving Patient Safety: How Island Health Deployed CleanSlate UV to Supercharge its Infection Control Strategy

Hospital acquired infections afflict millions of people every year. Here's how Canada's Island Health tried to solve the problem.

How VA Hospitals Rely on CleanSlate UV to Control Hospital Acquired Infections

Learn how VA hospitals invested in their infection control strategies, the role CleanSlate UV played, and lessons learned.
do UV sanitizers work and are they effective

Do UV Sanitizers Work?

We examine whether UV-C light is effective in killing viruses and bacteria, how to evaluate claims, and major industries using UV-C light.

How to properly disinfect your Apple and Android device

Our phones contain more bacteria than a toilet seat. Here's how you can disinfect your Apple or Android device to make it germ-free.
CleanSlate UV

Torontonians are carrying pathogens where they least expect it: Their phones

Our cellphones can carry ten times more germs than a toilet seat. CleanSlate UV’s study confirms that people aren’t aware of just how much bacteria they’re exposed to.

The flu and cold season is returning earlier than expected

Kids are falling sick due to a resurgence of annual viruses like the RSV. Sanitization protocols can help you stay protected.

H1N1 in Hospitals Today

CleanSlate UV continues to prove itself as the most scientifically backed UV sanitizer for mobile devices with its newest round of testing proving 99.99995% efficacy agai [...]

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