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A Beginner’s Guide to Healthcare HAIs and Infection Prevention and Control

The CleanSlate UV team ventures off to Square One to perform a swabbing study to show importance of both hand hygiene and device hygiene.

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Why is Antimicrobial Resistance a Problem?

Antimicrobial resistance is a rising global burden to the economy and health systems. Let's explore potential solutions to assist in fighting this issue.
UVC bulbs from the CleanSlate UV sanitizer

How to Test a UVC Sanitizer

With the rise of UVC sanitizers in the market, CleanSlate UV explores how to properly validate the efficacy of UVC products to build customer trust.
UVC Dosimeter cards from Intellego used after running through a CleanSlate UV

UV-C Efficacy Validation with Intellego’s UVC Dosimeters

We are proud to announce our partnership with Intellego Technologies to use their UVC Dosimeters to show the validity of UV-C light for disinfection.
cleanslate and hand hygiene at square one

Device Hygiene and Hand Hygiene Go Hand-in-Hand

The CleanSlate UV team ventures off to Square One to perform a swabbing study to show importance of both hand hygiene and device hygiene.
Hôpital Montfort is Paving the Standard for a Technologically Advanced Facility

Hôpital Montfort is Paving the Standard for a Technologically Advanced Facility

CleanSlate UV continues their partnership with Hôpital Montfort to assist in building an innovative and technologically advanced facility. Beginning with only 1 unit 4 years ago, the partnership has now expanded to 10 additional CleanSlate sanitizers.

CleanSlate UV Donations Support Canadian Organizations Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

CleanSlate UV is giving back to the community through donating UV sanitizers to other Canadian organizations. We are pleased to assist these facilities in taking a step towards a germ-free community.
Enchanting Retail Experience Cleanslate UV Oxford Properties

Enhancing the Retail Experience with UV-C Sanitization in Stores

Offering CleanSlate to shoppers assures that safety measures are in place. It boosts confidence, elevates the reputation of your brand, and the overall shopping experience for staff and customers.
intelligent software suite-cleancloud

Introducing CleanCloud, An Intelligent Sanitization Suite

CleanSlate UV is pleased to launch, CleanCloud, a real-time monitoring and analytics to gain complete insight on your CleanSlate deployment and improve your sanitization efforts
phone with bacteria

How Easily Can Bacteria Transfer from your Phone to your Hands?

Phones act like the third hand that we never clean. But how easily does bacteria transfer from your phone to your hands? At CleanSlate UV, we took this to the test.
MRSA makes a comeback

MRSA Makes a Comeback Due to COVID-19

MRSA cases has witnessed a 34% jump, with some states seeing as high as a 99% increase compared to the same quarter in 2020. COVID-19 is believed to be the cause.
hand hygiene and infection prevention with IPAC

IPAC Learnings From the Pandemic About Infection Prevention and Hand Hygiene

Summary of our IPAC Webinar with Cameron Thomas reviewing the lessons learned from an IPAC perspective during the pandemic and importance of hand hygiene
CleanSlate at Royal Botanical Gard

CleanSlate UV Partners with Royal Botanical Gardens To Enable a Safe Exhibition Experience

We’re proud to announce a donation of five units to help the Royal Botanical Gardens meet their safety goals. These will augment sanitization protocols and create a hygienic exhibition experience for their staff and visitors.
Cameron Thomas IPAC Specialist at Unity Health Toronto

Q&A with IPAC Specialist, Cameron Thomas

We sit down with IPAC Specialist, Cameron Thomas to share his story and insights as an IP.
iot hand hygiene in hospital

CleanSlate UV Partners with Mero Technologies

CleanSlate UV is pleased to announce its partnership with Mero Technologies, an IoT company providing smart sensor technologies, to enable intelligent sanitization within hospitals.
flu transmission banner

Hospitals Are Creating a Perfect Storm For Flu Transmission

Learn how to prevent flu-like illnesses, such as H1N1 and Norovirus, in hospitals.
hand hygiene-device hygiene-personal hygiene

A Big Step Towards a Safer Hospital [Sneak Peak]

patient safety island health

Improving Patient Safety: How Island Health Deployed CleanSlate UV to Supercharge its Infection Control Strategy

Hospital acquired infections afflict millions of people every year. Here's how Canada's Island Health tried to solve the problem.

How VA Hospitals Rely on CleanSlate UV to Control Hospital Acquired Infections

Learn how VA hospitals invested in their infection control strategies, the role CleanSlate UV played, and lessons learned.

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