APIC 2022 Highlights: CleanSlate UV Launches Versa

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Between June 13th- 15th, 2022 the CleanSlate UV team attended the APIC Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. We saw an overwhelming positive response from the infection prevention community. 

This conference allowed us to showcase our UV sanitizer products and emphasize the importance of device and hand hygiene. It was a great experience talking with attendees, meeting customers, and launching our new product!

New Product Launch: CleanSlate Versa

The CleanSlate Versa UV sanitizer has officially launched! We received an immense amount of positive feedback on CleanSlate Versa throughout the conference. Attendees had a chance to speak to our product experts about some of the new features including the wall-mount option, the HD, interactive display, and hand hygiene integration. But most importantly, be one of the first to try it first hand!

Both attendees and exhibitors were “impressed with how fast the cycle was” and how our original Vital unit “complemented Versa nicely.”  

Claire Dobbin, Sr. Product Manager at CleanSlate UV, also had the opportunity to speak in an exclusive interview with our partners at Intellego Technologies. She explained the important connection between our CleanSlate units, especially Versa, and the efficacy validation of Intellego’s UVC dosimeters.

CleanSlate’s Positive Impact Throughout APIC

Throughout the conference we saw over 160 uses of our products, averaging about 55 per day! With our 360-degree UV-C sanitization cycles, we were able to sanitize almost 420 personal devices for show attendees and exhibitors. Additionally, in only three show days, CleanSlate helped to prevent approximately 4.6 lbs of waste from entering our landfills by preventing the use of chemical wipes!  

Our product experts also had a chance to speak to UVCense at APIC. The CEO of UVCense, David Bell, confirmed our disinfection efficacy using a digital UVC dosimeter.

It was great to see that CleanSlate’s products were WELL above the typical 100mJ/cm2 target. They delivered around 300mJ/cm2 in a 20s cycle regardless of dosimeter orientation

David Bell

CEO of UVCense

APIC 2022 CleanSlate UV
Figure 1: Infographic of CleanSlate's impact at APIC 2022

The Rise of UV-C Technology in Healthcare

Infection control efforts are rapidly embracing UV-C technology, and it is becoming the standard level of care. Mobile devices are a huge part of everyday workflow and daily activities. People do not want to make their lives difficult by tirelessly looking for complicated ways to sanitize their devices.

UV sanitizers are an effective solution that can be easily adopted in healthcare industries and workspaces.  

As more and more healthcare facilities are choosing UV-C solutions over wipes, CleanSlate is proud to be a part of this rising trend. Approximately 36 UV-C companies attended this year’s APIC show ranging from UV-C robots to UV-C air disinfectants. CleanSlate helped fill in the missing gaps, by providing an innovative and valuable device sanitization experience for all attendees.  

Importance of Intelligent Sanitization Compliance and Data

“Can I see how many times our CleanSlate units are being used?” 

“Can I get reports on cycle data?” 

“How do I know which unit deployment locations get the most traction?” 

These were some of the questions asked by attendees during the conference. Many understood the need for sanitizing mobile devices, but we want to take infection prevention to the next level. Our goal is to promote data-driven decisions.

With our intelligent sanitization software, CleanCloud, users can receive maintenance notifications, customized reports and analytics right at their fingertips! The need for reporting and real-time data is crucial to ensuring IP practices are maintained and improved.

Figure 2: CleanCloud Dashboard

Hand Hygiene is the Heart of Infection Prevention

As important as it is to have intelligent sanitization software with our devices, we make sure that our units are equipped with hand sanitizer stations as well.

Conversations with infection preventionists at APIC continue to shine a light on the valuable impacts of hand hygiene.

Something as simple as pairing our products with a hand sanitizer unit gained a lot of attention, as it promoted hand hygiene. A recent case study found that CleanSlate boost hand hygiene by up to 110%.  Many attendees were very impressed by this percentage and applauded the effort we make to promote hand hygiene.

Overall, the APIC 2022 Conference was a successful event! CleanSlate UV will continue to educate the public and strive for the future of UV-C technology. 

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