How Intelligent Device Sanitization is Changing the Healthcare Industry

As the world is adapting and evolving through means of technology, people have become increasingly more dependent on their mobile devices. Mobile devices, such as cell phones, iPads and smart watches, are considered very high touch-point items causing risk to cross-contamination of bacteria and virus to our hands.  

Hospitals do an effective job of ensuring sanitization efforts remain a priority, but what about tracking and measuring it? After all, being able to track infection prevention measures is key to improving facility cleanliness and safety. 

As a result, CleanSlate UV provides hospitals with intelligent device sanitization that brings you a comprehensive, data-driven approach to infection prevention. 

Let’s explore the importance of IoT (Internet of Things) and intelligent sanitization solutions in healthcare and what sets CleanSlate apart from others. 

The Need for Intelligent Sanitization in Healthcare

Data is an integral part of healthcare operations, especially in infection control. A report showed that almost 95% of healthcare workers’ mobile phones contained bacterial growth. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic showed greater importance for device sanitization – especially in hospitals and healthcare. 

However, it is still no longer enough to just be able to sanitize phones. But the missing piece still lies with having the right smart solutions to be able to identify areas of improvement and help staff make data-informed decisions. Additionally, with the rise of HAIs since COVID-19, the need for intelligent sanitization in healthcare is a must. 

Reasons for Why We Created CleanCloud, an IoT Software

A CleanSlate software would greatly address challenges pertaining to device sanitization. By providing key insights, CleanCloud would help users strengthen their infection prevention measures. Here are three important reasons why we created CleanCloud: 


Visibility of Deployment Successes 

  • With access to real-time monitoring, users can measure and track usage rates, helping to improve overall performance metrics and make changes for the future. After all, facilities can only improve what can be tracked.  


Comparison of Usage 

  • CleanCloud gives healthcare facilities better understanding of when devices are being used and compares it to other areas of the facility. This allows healthcare facilities to have better insight into usage trends and gain a holistic picture of device sanitization.  


Performance Reporting 

  • Regular reporting helps provide data to the right person at the right time. Users can investigate lower performance concerns and identify strategies to mitigate the situation – ensuring they are taking a proactive vs. reactive approach. 

The Solution to Intelligent Device Sanitization

In 2021, CleanSlate UV created a powerful and innovative sanitization software called CleanCloud. Users can gain real-time alerts and sanitization updates on their customized dashboard. CleanCloud optimizes intelligent sanitization efforts, making healthcare spaces and workers feel confident in their actions to reduce the risks of contracting hospital-acquired infections. 

Customized hygiene reports give an overview of analytical data, so tracking and measuring sanitization performance will be simple for all. 

Lastly, integrated maintenance notifications alert the appropriate individuals when errors are detected within the units and when UV-C light bulbs need to be replaced. Nothing is better than a smooth and efficient maintenance process!  

The Future of Intelligent Sanitization

As CleanSlate continues to gain important insights from CleanCloud data, there are plans to create new features that improve usability. Our goal is to create solutions that encourage our users to create actionable and behavioural changes. A weekly benchmark of cycles will make it easier to track performance goals and meet compliance.  

Most importantly, we want customers to see the value in their CleanSlate purchase. Therefore, we are developing a ROI calculator so users can evaluate the vast amount of time and money saved. 

Overall, the need for intelligent sanitization solutions is key to improving patient care. With the advantages of our intelligent sanitization software, CleanCloud, we want to empower healthcare facilities to take a data-informed approach towards infection control and prevention. 

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