CleanSlate UV Sanitizer

CleanSlate UV is a Global Leader in UV Sanitizers

Founded in 2014, CleanSlate UV has become a global leader in the UV sanitizer industry. The CleanSlate Vital has unique features that make it one of the best UV sanitizers to effectively sanitize your phone.

Let’s take a closer inside look into CleanSlate UV’s unique products and capabilities that are changing the UV sanitizer industry!

What Features Make Our UV Sanitizer Unique

As CleanSlate continues to grow, we have reached new heights with the innovation of our uv sanitizers. It is thoroughly tested and designed with the highest quality and safety in mind.

360-Degree UV-C Light Sanitization

Capable of sanitizing items in 360-degree UV light, the CleanSlate UV sanitizer is perfect for multiple industry deployments, especially in hospitals. When cell phones, tablets or other hard, non-porous items are placed in the tray, there is no need to flip the items. This is all done in a quick 20-second cycle!

This is accomplished with our proprietary design of the tray that is lined with aluminum reflective material and quartz glass. Highly transmissive materials are important to maximize ultraviolet light reflectivity, so users can ensure their items are sanitized with full efficiency.

Touch-Free Retrieval

The CleanSlate UV sanitizer is designed with a touch-free retrieval method. We do so to prevent recontamination of clean hands that is encouraged to be sanitized during each cycle. Our goal is to promote hand hygiene – so after the cycle is complete, the lid automatically opens, and you can pick up your items with clean hands. Thus, clean hands touch clean devices helping break the chain of infection!

Two Proven Facts About Our UV Sanitizer

1. Proven to Inactivate 99.97% of C. difficile spores and Other Pathogens

Validating UV-C efficacy for our UV sanitizers is a goal and mission of CleanSlate UV. Efficacy results show that our 20-second cycles are proven to inactivate microorganisms such as VRE, MRSA and most importantly, C. difficile spores. We want to ensure that we limit the spread of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and that begins with targeting pathogens of concern.

CleanSlate UV Sanitizer Efficacy Chart
Figure 1: CleanSlate UV efficacy chart

CleanSlate units are deployed in multiple industries including healthcare, transportation and corporate. Every unit is paired with a hand sanitizer, so while your phone is being cleaned, you never miss an opportunity to sanitize your hands. While cell phones are important to sanitize, we must not forget about our hands!

Our UV sanitizers helps promote hand hygiene and create a positive shift in staff behavior. Increasing hand hygiene is key to limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses that can lead to infectious diseases.

Did you know –  Increasing hand hygiene is also proven to help prevent workplace absenteeism?

The Importance of Intelligent UV Sanitizers

Gaining valuable insights on how often phones are sanitized can serve as a crucial tool in infection prevention and control – especially when it can serve as a source for bacterial transfer. With CleanCloud software suite users can gain real-time insights and analytics on CleanSlate performance. Data comparisons, analytical reports and dashboard notifications allow users to take a proactive approach to keeping their facilities clean and ensuring the best patient experience.

About CleanSlate UV

CleanSlate UV is committed to developing the best UV sanitizers in the market. The unique features in our products help differentiate us in the growing industry and give customers a reason to integrate UV-C technology as part of the standard of care. Recently, the CleanSlate sanitizer has received approval to be a registered device with Health Canada. 

With the newly launched CleanSlate Versa, we continue to innovate and provide customers with high-quality uv sanitizers that can fit into any worflow.

Our successes in both product deployment and intelligent software rank CleanSlates as a top performing UV sanitizer.

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