Health Canada Approves Registration of CleanSlate UV Sanitizer

CleanSlate UV, a global leader in intelligent UV technologies, is pleased to announce that Health Canada has approved the registration of the CleanSlate UV sanitizer.

This is the first UV rapid sanitizer registered under the updated Pest Control Product Act (PCPA) framework. 

This approval was granted after an extensive review of CleanSlate UV’s claims, scientific evidence, and product safety. The sanitizer utilizes UV-C light to inactivate up to 99.97% of C. difficile spores and 99.9998% of MRSA, along with other pathogens.

Customers across healthcare, transportation and other industries have used CleanSlate UV products to enhance both device hygiene and hand hygiene for years. This registration with Health Canada will allow CleanSlate UV to make additional claims and provide further confidence to our customers in Canada and around the world. 

CleanSlate Health Canada Approved

Being the first company in this space to receive approval, I am extremely proud of our team’s hard work, resilience and continued thirst for innovation.

Manjunath Anand


“We are excited to have been granted registration with Health Canada. This has been a goal ever since Health Canada released their new UV-C device framework.” said Manjunath Anand, CTO of CleanSlate UV.

“As the first UV company to be registered under the new PCPA framework, this represents a major milestone in the UV disinfection industry along with our position as a scientific leader.” 

The Importance of UV-C Regulation

Over the past year a division of Health Canada, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has taken measures to better regulate UV products that claim to kill microorganisms. This included bringing UV-C products under an explicit regulatory framework. CleanSlate viewed this as a positive step towards ensuring UV products sold in the Canada are safe, effective, and well-designed. 

This registration validates CleanSlate UV products at achieving a high standard in UV-C solutions for surface sanitization of mobile devices. Our 360-degree UV-C light coverage, touch-free removal and IoT connectivity allows for a full sanitization solution.

CleanSlate UV is committed to ensuring all industries find a reputable and trusted UV sanitizer solution that not only promotes effective device sanitization but also enables proper hand hygiene solutions. 

Health Canada PCPA Registration No. 34495

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