Scarborough Health Network Adopts CleanSlate UV for Technology Advancement and Improvement of Patient Care.

Toronto (December, 2022)- CleanSlate UV announces collaboration with Scarborough Health Network (SHN) to improve device and hand hygiene and help elevate overall patient care. CleanSlate UV is a biosafety company that provides intelligent sanitization solutions for hospitals worldwide. Designed for hospitals, CleanSlate’s intelligent UV sanitizer uses germicidal Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) technology to sanitize mobile devices and other high-touch, non-porous items like cell phones, badges, watches, and non-critical equipment in just 20 seconds. 

SHN has always been a pioneer in adopting new technologies and it was one of the first hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area to utilize UV-C as part of its sanitization routine in order to improve patient safety.

“The prevention of illness caused by the use of mobile devices was our initial goal. With this collaboration, we can ensure that the high-touch equipment of the medical professionals who care for patients on a daily basis are properly sanitized with the CleanSlate while also serving as a reminder to perform hand hygiene,” said Rochelle Gonzales, Product Manager, of CleanSlate UV, “More importantly, it is also about creating awareness around the risk of dirty, high-touch items and that UV-C can be a reliable and effective solution.”

“Working with SHN has given us an opportunity to demonstrate the impact CleanSlate UV can make in healthcare facilities,” said Manjunath Anand, CEO, of CleanSlate UV. “This collaboration helps us create a deeper understanding of the role UV-C technology can play in infection prevention, while delivering the right solutions to forward-thinking hospitals, like SHN.”

This isn’t the first time SHN and CleanSlate UV have collaborated to help improve patient care. In 2019, SHN adopted CleanSlate UV for the validation of compliance tracking for the sanitization of mobile devices using RFID technology. SHN was also the first partner that tested CleanSlate UV’s CleanCloud platform to empower staff to make data-driven, evidence-based decisions for facility-wide hygiene improvement. With the use of Mero Technologies, the continued collaboration will involve a long-term study to look at the impact of CleanSlate sanitizers on device and hand hygiene at patient care.

“From very positive experiences working with them on the introduction of UV-C technology at SHN in the past, we know CleanSlate UV is a company that shares our focus on safety, reliability and quality. So, when they approached our organization about collaborating on this initiative, we were thrilled,” said Cory Bryan, Vice President, Corporate Services and CFO (Interim). “By working with us to move the needle on infection, CleanSlate UV is helping us further our strategic direction to apply innovative technology to transform care – a difference that will be felt by our staff and the patients we care for.”   

About CleanSlate UV

CleanSlate UV was founded in 2014 with a mission to ensure no one gets sick from germs on mobile devices. The CleanSlate UV Sanitizer is a hospital-grade sanitizer that is simple, fast, and effective, having been deployed in over 400 facilities, having sanitized a total of 100 million devices, in areas such as healthcare, corporation, and education. CleanSlate is the first UV sanitizer to be a registered device under Health Canada’s PCPA framework. The company is headquartered in Toronto, ON with an office in Buffalo, NY, and partners worldwide. 

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