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CleanSlate UV sanitizer solution at Hopital Montfort
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The Challenge

Hôpital Montfort serves more than 1.2 million people in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa. They value the ability to provide quality person-centered care for all their patients. For their facility, an important element of providing quality services includes ensuring top safety for their patients. Montfort continues to build several initiatives and projects to enhance staff and patient experience across the hospital.  

Serving such a large group of people, they often seek ways to provide advanced and innovative solutions for their facility. As a hospital that values infection prevention, it is crucial for Hôpital Montfort to be able to prevent the spread of infections in all avenues, from hand hygiene to device sanitization.  

The Deployment

CleanSlate UV and Hôpital Montfort started a partnership in 2017. This partnership was aimed to be a device sanitization compliance program involving testing RFID technology to track which mobile devices were being sanitized by CleanSlate. They started with 1 CleanSlate unit for the program, and within 4 years, expanded to 10 units with the goal of keeping preventing the spread of harmful bacteria.  

CleanSlate UV sanitizer at Montfort Hospital

Figure 1: CleanSlate UV deployment at Hôpital Montfort

“The machine is quick, easy to use and effective in preventing bacteria from spreading on their mobile devices, therefore increasing patient and staff safety, and ultimately the safety of their loved ones at home as well. When we later moved it to the main entrance of the hospital, we received the same positive feedback from patients and visitors who walked through our doors knowing we were taking the extra step to keep them and their loved ones safe
Karbet Djedouboum, Manager, Infection Prevention, at Hôpital Montfort

The Montfort team took the initiative in making the CleanSlate UV sanitizer accessible to everyone in their facility. All their units are public facing; some of their locations include the emergency rooms, entrance doors, and coffee shops. This has allowed for more accessible sanitization, not only for hospital staff but also for visitors and patients.   

The Impact

During the pilot testing phase, the team at Montfort experimented with placing the CleanSlate UV solution in different locations of their facility. They tested it in locations with high customer traffic, like the coffee shop. When they saw high usage numbers compared to other locations, they began to create placement strategies to increase their CleanSlate usage and accessibility to staff, patients, and visitors – overall increasing hospital cleanliness. This experimentation reinforced the importance of CleanSlate location and placement. 

Hôpital Montfort also uses the CleanCloud Software Suite, CleanSlate UV’s software data management tool that allows users to monitor CleanSlate usage, trends, and more. The integration of this tool has been critical in their success in providing excellent staff and patient experiences. The team at Montfort has used CleanCloud to develop a few reports to share with other members in their facility to show the value of the CleanSlate units. Through CleanCloud, they can track which areas have the most or least usages for the units. This assists their team in strategizing to find the most optimal areas for the units to get the most use.  

“We are also looking forward to being able to monitor our sanitization activity in real time and harness this data to further improve infection prevention at both locations. The CleanSlate UV team has always been supportive and helpful; we’re excited to continue our partnership.”
Karbet Djedouboum, Manager, Infection Prevention, at Hôpital Montfort

Hôpital Montfort’s innovative mindset and need for good infection prevention aligns well with CleanSlate UV’s values in providing a device sanitizing solution to assist in breaking the chain of infection. The CleanSlate UV Sanitizer Solution serves to be a simple, fast, and effective tool for device sanitization designed for healthcare. This solution aims to increase staff productivity and health, all while improving patient outcomes, which assists facilities like Hôpital Montfort in reaching their standards for quality and safe services.  

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