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Orlando, Florida

The Challenge

Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies in Orlando, FL, is one of the largest facilities focused on children and women within North America. Alongside their level III NICU they also have 11 floors and over 350 beds. Winnie Palmer has over 100,000+ patients and visitors each year, and are involved with well over 15,000 births yearly; thus making them fourth largest NICU in the United States. Nevertheless, Winnie Palmer’s goal is to maintain sanitization levels while offering comprehensive specialized care.

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With a large number of visits leading to short-term stays it is crucial that sanitization is upheld to a specific degree. With their previous tactics to use baggies to cover devices, Winnie Palmer needed to seek a new valuable infection prevention strategy using innovative solutions. Some examples of the devices that need to be sanitized include:

  • Tablets and Communication Devices
  • Badges 
  • Clipboards / Writing tools 
  • Wallets, Keys, and more

Moreover, with over 100,000+ families and patients visiting annually, improving sanitization for patient care is key.

cleanslate with orlando health
Figure 1: CleanSlate UV at the neonatology department

The Solution

Back in September 2018, Orlando Health Winnie Palmer began their trial with CleanSlate, and over the course of the first few months they fell in love with the simple, yet effective way it integrated into their workflow. Since placing the CleanSlate sanitizer in highly populated areas, they saw an immediate reduction in cross-contamination of germs. It also played an important factor in boosting hand hygiene overall as staff and visitors were reminded to also wash their hands during each cycle. This created an environment whereby staff continued to practice device and hand hygiene everyday, ultimately becoming a sustained behavioral change.

Since then, the team has expanded their fleet of CleanSlate UV devices to 6 that are located throughout the NICU facility, including the lobby, breakroom, nursing stations, and high traffic areas. CleanSlate UV has helped sanitize their devices efficiently, while enhancing their level of care with NICU patients. Additionally, this allowed patients, visitors and staff to have peace of mind when visiting the NICU.

Figure 2: CleanSlate UV Ready to Sanitize Staff Devices
“It [CleanSlate] is cutting down on infection rates without using harsh chemicals"
Joanne Vano (Nurse Leader, Winnie Palmer Hospital)

The Impact

With 6 devices located in the NICU, Winnie Palmer sees over 25,000 CleanSlate cycles per month and more than 500,000 cycles per year. Since each cycle is able to handle multiple devices, they have sanitized over 500,000 devices each year; creating a more efficient workflow for staff. Not only has it helped streamline the sanitization process, but it has also reduced the consumption of disinfectant wipes by 2,500+ pounds each year. Therefore, Winnie Palmer has saved well over $8,000 on disinfectant wipes each year and they have saved over $20,000 in labor each year (based on average sanitization time per device). 

Figure 3: CleanSlate UV deployment stats

In conclusion, with many patients and visitors admitted each year, enhanced sanitization protocols must become a priority. With organizations like Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, we have seen the direct impact of CleanSlate UV. Whether it be helping prevent the spread of bacteria on dirty devices or promoting facility hygiene, or goal is to help make a difference and bring a smile to patient families.

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