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The Challenge

Founded as a public district hospital in 1947, Valley Medical Center (VMC) is a 321-bed, acute care community hospital and clinic network. As the oldest and largest public hospital district system in Washington State, VMC serves more than 600,000 residents in Southeast King County. VMC is home to one of the busiest emergency departments in the state and is recognized as a regional leader in cancer treatment, heart and vascular services, and joint replacement and orthopedics, to name a few. 

Like most healthcare facilities, it is difficult to find a simple yet proven solution to device sanitization. The mobile device is up to 10x dirtier than a public restroom. This raises a need to find effective ways to sanitize devices and help reduce healthcare-acquired infections. With VMC, finding efficient ways to manage device hygiene is important to ensure maximum sanitization and limited disruptions to workflows. 

The Deployment

Beginning off small with only a few CleanSlate UV sanitizersVMC has now deployed 28 units across different areas in the hospital in a span of 3 years and continues to expand. Two of these units are accessible by the public, while the rest are primarily used by staff. Some areas of unit deployment within the hospital include the public entrance, emergency department, inpatient nursing unit, perioperative services, critical care unit, and the birth center. The team ensured a full facility deployment to capture every opportunity for device and hand hygiene.

CleanSlateUV has quickly proven itself as a valuable tool that enables our patient and staff to sanitize their handheld devices.

The Impact

The CleanSlate UV sanitizer provides a simple, effective, and proven solution for device sanitization. Its proven efficacy makes it suitable to inactivate the most resilient pathogens found in healthcare settings, while promoting proper hand hygiene through its touch-free retrieval. Within the years of its deployment in the VMC, there has been a total of over 116,000 cycles, sanitizing over 200,000 devices. Through these cycles, over 2.3 billion pathogens per in² of devices sanitized were inactivated and over 727 lbs of wipes were prevented from going into landfills each year. 

person using cleancloud
Figure 1: CleanCloud Analytics to gain actionable insights on CleanSlate units.

To effectively manage the deployment of the CleanSlate UV sanitizers, the team worked with VMC by introducing the CleanCloud Software Suite. This allowed Valley Medical to seamlessly show device usage, trends, and receive real-time maintenance alerts. During this time, optimal areas for CleanSlate unit deployment were assessed, resulting in several CleanSlate units being moved for better usage and an addition of public entrance units. With data insights, VMC was able to see low use areas and take immediate action by boosting staff education. The deployment of CleanCloud showed a positive impact to the usage of the CleanSlate UV sanitizers, with one department seeing a significant increase in usage of 775% in 4 weeks. 

CleanSlate UV impact through statistics for UW Valley Medical Center
Figure 2: Impact of the CleanSlate UV deployment at UW Valley Medical Center
CleanSlate UV impact statistics for UW Valley Medical Center
impact of cleanslate on valley med clean - mobile 3

CleanCloud is an easy-to-use tool given us valuable real-time data to track the use of our CleanSlate UV fleet. We have saved operational time through alerts and notification tools; we have been able to quantify mobile equipment sanitization efforts directly through the reports. The data from CleanCloud has empowered us to move beyond just cleaning mobile devices and empowered us to use intelligent sanitization.

CleanCloud has also improved the efficiency of the facilities team with real-time device monitoring. The platform notifies the IT help desk automatically, removing the need for nursing staff to manually notify IT to replace bulbs when they notice that a unit is down. This has improved resolution time from around one week to one day. Through proactive alerts, the operations team was notified about any issues and was able to resolve 10 tickets within 24 hours in a 3-month period, decreasing the unit downtime.

CleanSlate UV was able to not just help VMC clinically through proper device sanitization, but also operationally through efficient and optimal management of units through the CleanCloud Software Suite.   

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