CleanSlate UV continues to prove itself as the most scientifically backed UV sanitizer for mobile devices with its newest round of testing proving 99.99995% efficacy against H1N1. 

While the last H1N1 pandemic  – the 2009 swine flu outbreak – may feel like a lifetime ago it.

H1N1 in Healthcare Today

H1N1 was recognized by the World Health Organization as an official pandemic in 2009. While the risk of community spread of H1N1 is low today, the risk of hospital-acquired influenza infections still remain high in areas where community spread can be found. This requires hospitals to pay additional attention to reduce the spread of this deadly virus. 

It is highly contagious and spreads by person-to-person contact, either directly, through droplets of an infected person, or indirectly, by touching surfaces that were previously contaminated by an infected person, such as a mobile device. Influenza A-viruses, such as H1N1, are viable on hard, nonporous surfaces in measurable quantities for up to 24 hours after contamination and can be transferred to hands in sufficient amounts to infect a healthy person. 

How To Prevent an H1N1 Infection

To reduce the spread of H1N1, it’s important to wash your hands regularly with soap and water and avoid touching unsanitized, high-touch surfaces. When thinking about hand hygiene, it’s important to always consider the ‘third hand’ we rarely wash, our cell phones. These can be a petri-dish of germs that can make us sick or can transmit diseases from patient to patient. 

CleanSlate UV is proud to be taking steps toward preventing the spread of this disease with it’s newest efficacy results. CleanSlate UV has proven to reduce the number of active H1N1 particles by greater than 1.82 million times on average, a 99.99995% reduction in viral titre! 

By incorporating a CleanSlate UV into regular hand hygiene, your hospital is taking steps to reduce the spread of this deadly infection and keep staff and patients safe from H1N1 that lives on handheld devices. 

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