H1N1 in Hospitals Today

CleanSlate UV continues to prove itself as the most scientifically backed UV sanitizer for mobile devices with its newest round of testing proving 99.99995% efficacy agai […]

Health Canada’s New UV Regulations Are A Positive Step

Last week, Health Canada issued an Interim Order that creates new registration processes for numerous types of UV and Ozone products. This new regulatory framework will include enclosed UV-C products such as CleanSlate UV. We are encouraged by the steps Health Canada is taking.

The Coronavirus is Mutating: Can We Keep Up?

It’s been over one year since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared. While vaccines have given many folks a light at the end of tunnel, there is a significant growing concer […]

CleanSlate UV Partners with Metrolinx

CleanSlate UV is proud to partner with Metrolinx transit as they continue to lead the way in passenger hygiene and sanitization. CleanSlate UV can now be found in 22 GO […]

Hand Hygiene Practices & Why It Matters

Hand hygiene is a hot topic right now but what does “proper hand hygiene” really entail? Read our blog to learn how you could be improving your hand washing efforts.