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Enhancing the Retail Experience with UV-C Sanitization in Stores

The health and safety of shoppers and staff is essential to your business. More than ever before, it’s critical to establish procedures that help employees and customers feel safe when venturing out to retail environments. 

The world is shifting to a ‘new normal’ which includes heightened awareness of germs and improved sanitation measures. The average cell phone is 10x dirtier than a toilet seat and the third hand we never wash. Retailers must consider how to approach overcrowding and sanitation to prevent the transfer of germs. Previously, UV-C disinfection was mainly used in healthcare environments to inactivate pathogens on high touch surfaces. However, it is now making its way into new spaces such as retail, as the advantages over traditional cleaning methods (ie. chemical wipes) are evident. 

The CleanSlate UV sanitizer has the ability to disinfect everything from wireless debit machines to customer cell phones and keys, in just 20 seconds. Retailers such as Oxford Properties are enhancing health and safety measures by utilizing CleanSlate UV-C disinfection in its stores to show customers they care about their safety and wellbeing from the moment they walk in.  

Oxford Properties has enhanced their in-store shopping experience and continues to build peace of mind with their customer base. Throughout this year’s Black Friday weekend, Square One by Oxford Properties saw a 46% increase in CleanSlate usage as compared to the previous weekend. This jump amounted to 630+ CleanSlate cycles completed and equaling to 1100+ phones sanitized over the Black Friday weekend. We must continue to stay vigilant with cleaning procedures and encourage other retail stores to follow in Oxford Properties’ footsteps by making their customers’ health and safety a number one priority.

46% increase in phones sanitized vs normal weekends. 1100+ phones sanitized during black friday weekend. 40% of the mall's open hours had the sanitizer in use

Offering CleanSlate to shoppers assures that safety measures are in place. It boosts confidence, elevates the reputation of your brand, and the overall shopping experience for staff and customers. 

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