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Introducing CleanCloud, An Intelligent Sanitization Suite

CleanSlate UV is pleased to announce the launch of its new intelligent sanitization software suite, CleanCloud

The CleanCloud platform is the next step in CleanSlate UV’s mission to ensure that no one gets sick from the germs on mobile devices. 

By allowing customers to track usage, obtain actionable insights, calculate ROI and improve fleet management, CleanCloud will enable more intelligent management of infection control protocols. All of this information can be easily accessed through a web dashboard or a mobile app.

UW Medicine Valley Medical Center just outside of Seattle, WA has been using CleanSlate sanitizers for over 3 years. They recently adopted CleanCloud and seen significant value in the platform.

“CleanCloud is the secret behind enabling us to track and report on sanitization efforts. We have saved operational time through alerts and notification tools and have been able to quantify our sanitization impact directly through the reports. ” said Jeremy Wyatt, Manager of Perioperative Services at Valley Medical Center. 

CleanCloud has empowered us to move beyond just cleaning mobile devices and empowered us to use intelligent sanitization practices

“For the past three years, CleanSlate UV has been working to enable effective device hygiene” said Taylor Mann, CEO & Co-founder of CleanSlate UV. 

“With the CleanCloud software, we are taking the next step and enabling truly intelligent hygiene decisions across a range of organizations. The insights available on this platform will make our customers even more successful, and the fleet management features will make enterprise-wide deployments simpler and more cost-effective. I’m incredibly proud of our team’s work in developing this, which has included work with prominent hospital and corporate beta partners.”

Proven Client Results


7x Increase in Devices Sanitized


8+ Hours of Maintenance Time Saved


2x Improvement in Hand Hygiene Events

CleanCloud’s Standard platform is provided to all CleanSlate UV customers at zero cost effective today. It has a range of features from usage tracking, comparison reports, maintenance alerts, and much more. 

In the beta trials alone, CleanCloud was able to save customers 8+ hours per week of maintenance time, improve device sanitization by 7x and improve overall hand hygiene by 2.5x.

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