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Sanitized Your Phone? Great. Now, What About Your Hands?

The use of smartphones and tablets in hospitals is growing – fast!

Whether it is hospital staff using an iPhone to record patient data and calculate doses, or visitors using an iPad as a communication and education tool, mobile devices are versatile and omni-present.

This proliferation of mobile devices has pushed infection prevention departments to encourage staff and visitors to sanitize mobile devices in order to keep pathogens at bay. To solve this problem, many hospitals are turning from chemical wipes to countertop UV-C sanitizers.

Preventing Recontamination

Because mobile devices are ultimately handled by users, facilities need to ensure that users’ hands are being washed or sanitized as well. Having dirty hands will defeat the purpose of sanitizing devices in the first place. How well a solution integrates hand hygiene is likely one of the most important factors to consider outside of solution efficacy claims for devices.
There are two keys to preventing re-contamination:
1. The solution should allow for touch-free device removal (aka the ability for the user to remove their device without grabbing a dirty handle or lid).
2. The solution should be placed next to a hand sanitizer or hand washing station, and should encourage users to sanitize or wash their hands while their phone is being sanitized.

Clean Hands Should Touch Bacteria-Free Devices

These are the reasons why our team has always prioritized seamless hand-and-device hygiene integration. Our solution is specifically engineered to provide touch-free device retrieval, using a lid that opens automatically once a device has been sanitized. This allows the user to retrieve their mobile device without the need to touch or open the lid manually. Furthermore, hand sanitizers can be easily integrated with the CleanSlate UV system using an accessory mount.  Our stand accessory allows for deployment at most public and private locations in hospitals. This combination of hand hygiene and device hygiene creates a “sanitization hub”, providing a one-stop solution for staff and visitors.
Sanitize your devices AND your hands. It’s that simple.

To learn more about CleanSlate UV’s mobile device sanitizing solutions, and what makes CleanSlate UV the most effective tabletop UVC sanitizer available, please visit our website at www.cleanslateuv.com.

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