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Rapid Vs. Terminal UV Sanitizers. Which One To Choose?

Over the last several years, hospital use of mobile devices has grown dramatically. These devices include cell phones, tablets, Spectralink phones, Voceras, Ascom phones, and more.

Regardless of the device, they all present the same challenges:

1. They are constantly touched (often right after washing hands);

2. They are proven to harbour bacteria, with at least 1 in 4 devices contaminated with pathogenic bacteria;

3. Harsh chemical wipes often damage the sensitive touch screens.

As this problem has grown, hospitals have begun implementing UV solutions to sanitize cell phones and tablets. Our team put together an Evaluation Guide to assist hospitals in selecting and critically evaluating potential solutions. One of the questions in the guide is what type of sanitizer will best integrate into the hospital’s workflow. Below is an excerpt from the evaluation guide. 

Choosing Between Rapid or Terminal Sanitizers

This decision typically comes down to workflow and desired impact. As outlined within the guide (and in our previous blog post), rapid UV sanitizers are designed to quickly sanitize staff and visitor devices as they walk throughout a hospital or department. This quick and intense application of ultraviolet light allows devices to be frequently sanitized throughout a shift or as people enter and exit a department or hospital.

If you plan on frequently returning devices to charging bays and want to leverage that downtime for secondary sanitization, a terminal sanitization solution may be an effective choice. Solutions such as the ElectroClave technology often add value through asset tracking and compliance reporting. Terminal sanitizers may not be as suitable for public facing or frequent staff use, but can add value in other ways.

Given these features, facilities will sometimes deploy a rapid disinfection solution across multiple departments, while also leveraging terminal disinfection to manage, charge and sanitize specific devices.

Want to read the full guide? You can download it by clicking this link.

To learn more about CleanSlate UV’s mobile device sanitizing solutions, and what makes CleanSlate UV the most effective tabletop UVC sanitizer available, please visit our website

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