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New White Paper: How to Evaluate UV Sanitizers for Mobile Devices

Many hospitals are searching for a more effective way to sanitize mobile devices. Staff and visitor use of smartphones, tablets and other touchscreen devices is increasing exponentially. Yet these devices are rarely cleaned or disinfected, creating a cross-contamination and infection risk.

These solutions have varying feature sets, use patterns, and efficacy claims. If you haven’t used a UV solution before, it can be hard to tell what these claims mean for your facility.

To help facilities navigate this challenge and select the most effective solution, we’ve published a free “Guide to Evaluating Countertop UV-C Disinfection”.

This guide reviews:

  • The Science of UV-C light
  • Categories of Desktop & Countertop UV Disinfection
  • Key Questions To Ask When Evaluating a UV Solution
  • A Sample ‘Evaluation Checklist’ for Rapid Disinfection

You can download the FREE guide by visiting this page.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss any aspect of the evaluation guide, you can visit this page to get in touch.

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