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Meet The CleanSlate UV Team!

As a startup we have a relatively small team, so this post will allow you to get to know the people that make CleanSlate UV possible. Each person comes from a different background and has a different skill set, so we thought you would find it interesting to get a glimpse behind the curtain. Everyone’s work is extremely important and we would not be here today without any one of them!

Taylor Mann, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

As the CEO Taylor finds a new challenge every day, but he believes his team can solve those problems. As mobile health technology continues to grow and revolutionize the industry, he believes that CleanSlate UV is the source to make sure devices don’t continue to be a source for cross-contamination.

“Our team had read academic studies on how many pathogens were being found on mobile devices, but it wasn’t until speaking with a friend – who is a nurse in a NICU – that we realized just how much of a concern this was in hospitals.”

Graeme Clark, Chief Operating Officer

Graeme oversees the company’s operations and finances. This is entails making sure the team has the resources they need to get the product to the customer and to continue making innovative products.

“Having contracted a MRSA infection during a routine surgery I understand how serious infection control is. Mobile devices have amazing potential in the healthcare industry, but they shouldn’t be used at the expense of contracting an illness. CleanSlate UV  is a simple, fast and effective way for patients and staff to kill the germs on their phones, while washing or sanitizing their hands.”

Scott Mason, Chief of Business Development and Co-Founder

Scott manages several distributor relationships and work directly with facilities that are evaluating the CleanSlate UV technology to shepherd the sales process.

“CleanSlate helps hospitals and food processing facilities solve a very real issue. Our work helps improve device hygiene and our clients recognize that. It’s a great feeling to help a client achieve success.”

John Spencer, Vice President of Sales

As the VP of sales John’s role is to partner with various companies and facilities to deliver the CleanSlate technology. He is involved in every step of the process to make sure the appropriate solution is effective and logistics from sales to demos are managed properly.

“Working at CleanSlate UV provides me with the opportunity to connect with a group where innovation and creativity are the norm.  We have a shared quest of having a positive impact, and empowering our clients to have a great success.”  

Oleg Baranov, Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder

Oleg’s role is split between overseeing the manufacturing of the product, and working on the structural design of the device. Building a hardware technology that would benefit the world in some way, big or small is why he enjoys working at CleanSlate UV.

“I enjoy working at CleanSlate UV because it challenges me more than any other job ever has, and I get to work and learn from some fantastic colleagues.”

Manjunath Anand, Chief Technology Officer

Manjunath is responsible for the technological vision of the team and leads all aspects of the CleanSlate’s development and innovations.

“When I first met with CleanSlate UV I was really inspired by their mission, but more importantly by the dedication from the team members. It has always been my wish to work for an organization that has a impact on patient outcome and their wellbeing.”

Claire Dobbin, Project Management Engineer

Claire originally started with CleanSlate UV as a co-op student and she loved working with us so much that she has joined our team full time! Her role includes managing everything from documentation and certification to manufacturing and approval processes.

Learn more about CleanSlate UV and the innovative work our team is doing on our full website!

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