CleanSlate UV Partners with Metrolinx

CleanSlate UV has partnered with Metrolinx as they continue to lead the way in passenger hygiene and sanitization, announcing today that they have installed 24 CleanSlate UV sanitizers across 22 locations. This technology will allow passengers to sanitize all their portable items, including smartphones, in just 20 seconds while they sanitize hands.

“Metrolinx is setting the standard for a new normal in mass transit and we are excited to do our part,” said Taylor Mann, CEO and Co-founder of CleanSlate UV, “As a Toronto-based company, it’s rewarding to be able to enhance the infection control practices of such a major regional transit provider. Our technology is powerful enough to kill germs on phones, but safe and simple enough for anyone to use in just 20 seconds. It’s perfect for transit environments like train stations and airports.”

CleanSlate UV sanitizers can be found at two UP Express stations, two employee facing locations and 18 GO Transit stations, including Union Station. Each sanitizer can sanitize up to four smartphones in one 20 second cycle. Passengers will be encouraged to sanitize their phones, wallet, keys, PRESTO cards and other hand held items while they sanitize their hands. With touch-free device removal and no damaging chemicals, CleanSlate’s technology builds on Metrolinx’s already existing safety protocols put in place to protect customers as they travel. 

The safety of customers is a top priority, so throughout the pandemic Metrolinx has implemented over 40 safety measures to ensure everyone remains healthy. In addition to CleanSlate UV, Metrolinx has installed seat dividers on GO trains and buses and UP trains, increased the deep cleaning at stations and on vehicles and provided hand sanitizer dispensers on every bus, train and station.

You can find CleanSlate UV in other transit facilities such as Toronto Pearson Airport.

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