CleanSlate joins the ultraviolet association

CleanSlate UV Joins International Ultraviolet Association

CleanSlate UV is pleased to officially announce its membership to the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA), a global UV educational and advocacy authority dedicated to the advancement of UV technologies. This membership is further solidifying CleanSlate UV’s position as the most scientifically proven UV sanitizer for mobile devices on the market. 

IUVA was founded with the objective of making ultraviolet technology a leading technology for public health and environmental applications. Through advocacy, education and research, IUVA continues to solidify their position as the leading authority on the use of technology using ultraviolet light. 

“Being a member of the IUVA is not just a title, it’s a company-wide commitment to continuously aligning ourselves with the latest developments in the UV industry,” said Dr. Carolina Koutras, PhD, Director of Clinical Research at CleanSlate UV, “Being the most scientifically-backed UV sanitizer for mobile devices on the market, we are at the forefront of important discussions on the safe and responsible use of UV light. These conversations are happening at the IUVA.”

“The UV sanitization industry is rapidly expanding and, with all booming industries, governing and educational authorities are needed. This is where the IUVA comes into play,” said Ron Hofmann, President of IUVA, “Having an organization like CleanSlate UV sit at the table proves that they are making a concerted effort to provide the most effective and safest products possible.”

The IUVA recently joined the FDA’s Network of Experts, underscoring its leadership in the UV-C space. They are focusing more of their attention on the COVID-19 pandemic and have created a Coronavirus Response and Healthcare Task Force of which, Dr. Koutras and other members of the CleanSlate UV team are a part of. 

CleanSlate UV officially became a member of the IUVA in February of 2020. This was at a time it was experiencing exponential growth and mainstream usage. CleanSlate UV is committed to maintaining its membership for years to come. 

If you would like to learn more, we encourage you to check out their website

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