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CleanSlate UV Partners with Mero Technologies

CleanSlate UV is pleased to announce its partnership with Mero Technologies, an IoT company providing smart sensor technologies, to enhance our intelligent sanitization within hospitals.  

CleanSlate UV provides intelligent UV sanitization solutions for hospitals worldwide and will now be expanding its product offering, with the help of Mero, to include smart hand hygiene sensors. These sensors will detect how frequently staff, patients and visitors sanitize their hands. Paired with CleanSlate’s intelligent software and hospital-grade UV sanitizer, Mero and CleanSlate are empowering hospitals to make data-driven hygiene decisions.  

“We are on a mission to ensure no one gets sick from germs on their mobile devices and this partnership brings us one step closer to achieving that,” said Taylor Mann, CEO and Co-Founder of CleanSlate UV, “Device hygiene and hand hygiene need to be paired together in order to be effective. Using these hand sanitizing sensors, we now have the ability to match and understand device hygiene synchronized with hand hygiene  thus empowering hospitals to ensure they are effectively breaking the chain of infection.” 


Cleanslate partnered with Mero hand hygiene sensor

CleanSlate device paired with Mero hand hygiene sensor


“Increasing hand hygiene compliance is one of the most effective ways to break the chain of infection,” said Nathan Mah, Cofounder, Mero Technologies, “Our cleaning platform combined with CleanSlate’s UV sanitizer provides a full intelligent suite aimed at protecting healthcare workers from harmful pathogens, and we are excited to continue our growth with CleanSlate.”

Throughout the pilot of this partnership, CleanSlate UV and Mero have already been able to show amazing initial results:

  • 54-110% increase in hand hygiene events within a 80 ft radius of the CleanSlate units.
  • >250% increase in hand sanitizer usage directly adjacent to the CleanSlate.
  • 52% reduction in hand hygiene events when the CleanSlate was removed, proving both a positive and negative correlation between CSUV and hand hygiene.


These hand sanitizing sensors is only the first step of our upcoming rollout of smart sensors and will be able to seamlessly integrate with all CleanSlate devices and existing deployed hand sanitizers.  For more information on the impact of the initial study or to learn more about these sensors, please contact  

About CleanSlate UV

CleanSlate UV is a biosafety company creating the next generation of intelligent UV sanitization solutions. The patented technology leverages the power of UV-C light to kill the most dangerous bacteria and viruses without damaging devices. CleanSlate UV units have been installed in 1600+ locations and have sanitized over 80 million devices. The company is headquartered in Toronto, ON with offices in Buffalo, NY and partners worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Mero Technologies

Mero Technologies is an IoT company providing smart labor allocation and supply utilization to commercial property managers powered by smart sensing technology. Their vision is to optimize the way buildings perform day-to-day cleaning maintenance.  Their products are deployed across 100+ buildings globally.  Mero is headquartered in Toronto, ON. For more information, please visit 

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