Are we aware how contaminated our mobile phones with nosocomial pathogens?

Abstract Background The objective of this study was to determine the contamination rate of the healthcare workers’ (HCWs’) mobile phones and hands in operating room and ICU. Microorganisms from HCWs’ hands could be transferred to the surfaces of the mobile phones during their use. Methods 200 HCWs were screened; samples from the hands of 200 […]

iPads, droids, and bugs: Infection prevention for mobile handheld devices at the point of care

Health care providers are increasingly using wireless media tablets, such as the Apple iPad, especially in the hospital setting. In the absence of specific tablet disinfection guidelines the authors applied what is known about the contamination of other nonmedical mobile communication devices to create a “common sense” bundle to guide wireless media tablet infection prevention […]

Mobile phones: emerging threat for infection control

This study was conducted to determine whether mobile phones of healthcare workers (HCWs) and T corporate users harbour micro-organisms. Swabs collected from mobile phones were inoculated in solid and liquid media, and incubated aerobically. Growth was identified as per standard microbiological procedures. Antibiotic susceptibility was determined for Staphylococcus aureus. A questionnaire was used for data collection on awareness […]