CleanSlate UV Receives $300,000 Investment Prize for UV Light Sanitizer

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Investment will be used to accelerate work with hospitals, ensuring staff and visitors have a fast and easy way to sanitize their cell phones and tablets. 

BUFFALO, NY: CleanSlate UV, a Buffalo-based startup that makes it possible to sanitize mobile devices, has been awarded a $300,000 USD investment prize by 43North for their progress over the past year. This follows a $500,000 USD innovation prize last November and comes as the startup completing a $1.25M financing round.

“Our team has worked non-stop for the past year to make this happen,” CleanSlate co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Taylor Mann said. “Over the last twelve months we have completely re-designed our technology, deployed into hospitals throughout North America, and have sold to food processing facilities and corporate campuses. All of this progress has been hard-won, and we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are without the ecosystem here in Buffalo.”

“We’re solving a growing problem with this technology,” said Oleg Baranov, Chief Technology Officer at CleanSlate UV. “Mobile devices are six times dirtier than a toilet seat but they are difficult to clean, undermine hand hygiene, and pose a cross-contamination risk. By working with facilities in New York State and Ontario, we’ve been able to create the most effective solution on the market while building a scalable business. As young entrepreneurs, that’s very exciting.”

Key Facts

  • CleanSlate UV is a device that rapidly sanitizes mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, ID badges, stethoscopes, and more.
  • The technology uses ultraviolet (UVC) light to sanitize devices in just 30 seconds without damaging sensitive touch screens.
  • In the average U.S. hospital, one in four mobile devices are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria


CleanSlate UV was founded in June 2014 by five Queen’s University graduates with the goal of effectively sanitizing mobile devices in healthcare, food processing and corporate environments. In October of 2015 the company pitched at 43North in Buffalo, the largest business competition in the world, and was awarded $500,000. Since then, the Company has developed a 2nd Gen technology that is being deployed in hospitals and food processing facilities for testing.