CleanSlate UV Launches 3rd Gen Mobile Device Sanitizer at APIC 2017

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Commercialized device is the fastest and most effective cell phone and tablet sanitizer available. It will be available for purchase in September 2017. Click here for product information.

BUFFALO, NY:  CleanSlate UV, a Buffalo and Toronto-based startup, premiered their 3rd Gen mobile device sanitizer at the APIC 2017 infection control conference in Portland last week. The solution makes it possible for hospital staff and visitors to quickly and easily sanitize their devices. Smartphones and tablets are consistently found to harbor pathogenic bacteria, which not only undermines hand hygiene but presents a direct contamination risk to staff and patients.

The 3rd Generation CleanSlate UV sanitizer is the most effective solution on the market, and was specifically designed for the rigors of high-traffic hospital environments. It will kill at least 99.999%  MRSA in just 30 seconds, and can sanitize multiple devices at once. With touch-free device retrieval and an anti-microbial copper surface, it is the only solution capable of ensuring proper hand hygiene alongside rapid device disinfection.

“The past year of work with early customers has made CleanSlate UV the fastest, most effective and most user-friendly mobile device sanitizer on the market. Our first set of devices will be deployed in hospital ICUs, NICUs and ORs. I am very proud of our team for creating a product so well suited to the hospital environment and we enjoyed demoing it at APIC.” – Chief Executive Officer, Taylor Mann

“We incorporated feedback from visitors, nurses and infection control managers to create a true hospital-grade ultraviolet sanitizer. The next-best product on the market takes nearly double the time to achieve the same kill rate, which is simply too long for busy nurses, doctors or visitors to wait. Moreover, we’ve included infection control best practices into our design, so you don’t have to touch the CleanSlate in order to retrieve your device. This ensures clean hands can stay clean, and the CleanSlate won’t become a source of contamination.”  – Chief Technology Officer, Manjunath Anand

Key Facts

  • Studies have shown that phones contain ten times more bacteria than a public toilet seat.
  • The CleanSlate uses ultraviolet (UV-C) light to disinfect mobile devices in just 30 seconds.
  • It can sanitize phones, tablets, watches, ID badges, mobile communication systems and more.
  • The CleanSlate can be placed on a nursing station, desk, or optional stand. 


CleanSlate UV was founded in June 2014 with the goal of effectively sanitizing mobile devices in healthcare, food processing and corporate environments. In October of 2015 the company was awarded a $500,000 investment from 43North, the $5 million startup competition in Buffalo that is part of Governor Andrew Cuomo's Buffalo Billion initiative. The company has deployed their solution in hospitals, food processing facilities and corporate offices in four countries.

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