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Hospitals and Healthcare

Designed for Healthcare.

Simple, fast, and effective device sanitization.

An average of

1 in 4 hospital mobile devices are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria.

We can help fix this.

Empower Staff & Visitors to Sanitize Devices in Just 20 Seconds

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Fast and simple.
No training required.

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Proven to inactivate 99.9998% of MRSA without pre-cleaning.

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Touch-free device removal that enables proper hand hygiene.

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No chemicals and no damage to sensitive touchscreens.

A True Full-Facility Solution.

From facility entranceways to nursing stations, CleanSlate UV sanitizers are powerful yet simple enough to deploy throughout your entire facility.

The large tray can eliminate pathogens on a wide range of items, including cell phones, tablets, and barcode scanners, all while encouraging and enabling proper hand hygiene.

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Trusted Everywhere.

From key departments to full facility installations, CleanSlate UV has been deployed across the globe.

300+ Hospitals Across USA & CAN

Five “U.S. News: Best Children's Hospitals Honor Roll” Clients

>80,000,000 devices sanitized

Examples of How Hospitals are Using CleanSlate UV

NICUs & Critical Care
Dept & Facility Entrances
Surgery & PeriOp

Results & Insights

Hospital NICU and OR Results

Facility-Led Evaluation and Deployment Within the USA

79% Before CleanSlate UV

79% of mobile devices tested positive for pathogenic bacteria.

0% After CleanSlate UV

Zero bacterial growth on department/staff mobile devices.

Full Facility Case Study

Upgrading from Chemical Wipes to CleanSlate UV: Saving Time, Money and Devices

Review the challenges faced by a leading cancer center, their evaluation of CleanSlate UV, and how a full facility deployment benefited their workflow & their bottom line.

Want to learn more?

Check out our resources page for whitepapers, case studies, FAQs, and more.

Why UV-C?

Learn how it works and what it means for your facility.

Have a Question?

Check out our resource page and our frequently asked questions.

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