Using UV Light to Protect Staff & Customers

Smartphones and tablets are an integral part of everyday life. These devices are frequently touched, but rarely cleaned or disinfected, creating a cross-contamination and infection risk.

UV Sanitizers can be a fast and effective solution to this challenge - but not all solutions are created equal. This guide is designed to help stakeholders critically evaluate claims made by manufacturers and understand the impact that different features can have on effective corporate deployments.

This document will review:

  • The Science of UV-C Light
  • Categories of Desktop & Countertop UV Sanitizers
  • Key Questions To Ask When Evaluating a UV Solution
  • A Sample 'Evaluation Checklist' for Rapid Sanitization
Using UV Light to Protect Staff & Customers

Clean Hands Should Touch Germ-Free Devices.

Empower Staff & Visitors to Sanitize Devices in Just 20 Seconds

Fast and Simple.

Fast and Simple.
No Training Required.

Proven to Inactivate

Proven to Inactivate 99.9998% of MRSA Without Pre-cleaning.

Touch-free Device Removal

Touch-free Device Removal that Enables Proper Hand Hygience

No Chemicals

No Chemicals and No Damage to Sensitive Touchscreense

Highlighted Applications

CleanSlate UV sanitizers have been deployed across a range of industries. Click to explore.