Guide to Evaluating UV Disinfection for Mobile Devices

An Essential Tool

Smartphone and tablet use within hospitals is growing exponentially. Staff, patient & visitor device use all present the same challenge: ensuring these devices don’t harbor bacteria and increase the risk of infection. 

Since 2014 a number of countertop UV solutions have been introduced to address this challenge. This guide is designed to help stakeholders critically evaluate claims made by manufacturers and understand the impact different features can have on effective hospital implementations. 

This Guide Will Review:

  • The Science of UV-C light
  • Categories of Desktop & Countertop UV Disinfection
  • Key Questions To Ask When Evaluating a UV Solution
  • A Sample 'Evaluation Checklist' for Rapid Disinfection
Keywords: Phonesoap, ReadyDock, iphone, ipad, cell phone, uv light

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  • Keep your patients and staff safe by disinfecting multiple devices at once without harmful chemicals.
  • Seamlessly integrating into HAACP plans, CleanSlate allows for the adoption of new technologies.

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