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Bulb Benefits Program

Save money and time by having us ship bulbs just before they’re needed.

Save $100 on every pack of bulbs.

Automated bulb change reminders.

Bulbs arrive just as you need them.

Recycle your bulbs at no charge*.

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How it Works

01. Two weeks before your bulbs expire, we will automatically ship new bulbs to you. You will be notified of this via email.

02. Install the bulbs using the instructions in each box, or the demo videos located at:

03. Install the new bulbs, re-pack the old bulbs, and ship them back using a free return label so we can recycle them*.

* Recycling program available in the USA only until further notice.

Existing Customer Resources

Get Free Return Shipping Label for Bulb Recycling

Available in the United States only.

Self-help Information

Check out our support portal for self-help, spare part ordering, and more.

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Customer Notice

We regret to inform customers that CleanSlate UV has filed an assignment in bankruptcy, and day to day operations are currently paused. 

Customers seeking replacement bulbs, spare parts or new units can visit this page to find distributors in your region.

The company’s service and support divisions are currently for sale, and we hope to provide a long-term solution for customers shortly.

You may contact [email protected] with any inquiries, and we will make every effort to answer.