The best way to

Sanitize mobile devices

20 Second Cycle.

No Training Required.

Safe, fast and effective way to kill bacteria on devices.






20 Seconds

Remove with

Clean Hands

Touch-free device removal

A Simple, Effective & Proven Solution

CleanSlate UV technology marries science with simplicity, producing the fastest and most effective mobile device sanitizer.

20-Second cycle

Rapid 360º sanitization proven to kill at least 99.999% of dangerous bacteria and viruses

Touch-free device removal

enables proper hand hygiene

Works on a range of devices

including smartphones, tablets, voceras, badges and other non-medical devices

No device-damaging chemicals

interacting with expensive touchscreen devices

Automatic Compliance Tracking

of facility-owned devices via RFID tagging and a cloud compliance suite

Hospital-grade Efficacy Testing

that uses EPA recommended standards to prove effectiveness even with light soiling


Number of Installations


Devices Sanitized

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