COVID-19 How Hand Hygiene and Device Control Can Help

The best way to

Sanitize mobile devices

20 Second Cycle.

No Training Required.

Safe, fast and effective way to kill bacteria on devices.






20 Seconds

Remove with

Clean Hands

Touch-free device removal

A Simple, Effective & Proven Solution

CleanSlate UV technology marries science with simplicity, producing the fastest and most effective mobile device sanitizer.

20-Second cycle

Rapid 360º sanitization proven to kill at least 99.999% of dangerous bacteria and viruses

Touch-free device removal

enables proper hand hygiene

Works on a range of devices

including smartphones, tablets, voceras, badges and other non-medical devices

No device-damaging chemicals

interacting with expensive touchscreen devices

Automatic Compliance Tracking

of facility-owned devices via RFID tagging and a cloud compliance suite

Hospital-grade Efficacy Testing

that uses EPA recommended standards to prove effectiveness even with light soiling


Number of Installations


Devices Sanitized

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