Clean hands
should touch


30 Seconds for a Safer Facility

Wait 30 Seconds
Remove with Clean Hands

Product Specifications

30-Second cycle

achieves 99.99% kill rate of MRSA and other superbugs.

Works on a range of devices

including smartphones, tablets, voceras, badges, and other non-critical devices.

Prevent re-contamination

of clean hands with hands-free device removal.

No device-damaging chemicals

interacting with touchscreen devices or expensive equipment.

Use Case Examples

  • Keep your patients and staff safe by disinfecting multiple devices at once without harmful chemicals.
  • Seamlessly integrating into HAACP plans, CleanSlate allows for the adoption of new technologies.

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The Science of CleanSlate UV

UV-C Light<br>Kills Germs

UV-C Light
Kills Germs

UV-C light utilizes short-wavelength ultraviolet light, which destroys nucleic acids and breaks apart germ DNA, preventing them from being able to function or reproduce.

The Experts Agree:<br>Disinfect Your Phone

The Experts Agree:
Disinfect Your Phone

Numerous academic studies have examined the risks from mobile devices. Explore them here.

Knowledge Base
UV-C Light<br>Is Safe for Devices

UV-C Light
Is Safe for Devices

UV-C light doesn't dry out or degrade materials the way chemical wipes do, and it can safely be used on a wide variety of devices with no risk of damage.